Everything is not amazing.

In the last 12 month’s I have been opened up to a very popular viewpoint amongst society today. The basic principle of this argument I believe is best summed up by this meme of Louis C.K

 Why should depression & anxiety exist when this is the very best time to be alive? We have more technology & presumably the best living standards (in some parts of the world, anyway) so why don’t you wipe that fucking frown of your face!!

 Never mind the fact that this fantastic access to technology is forcing younger people to become much more mature at a much younger age. The internet is giving people access to more information at a faster rate than has ever been possible. But is this really the greatest thing for a positive state of mind? Are our fragile minds really ready for the absolute brutality of the real world?

 Here is an image from an article posted on Vice.com regarding the deaths of two Egyptian youths via vigilante justice from a rival town as punishment for unproven crimes. The youths, one of which was aged 17 were beaten & tortured for 4 hours before being hung from a building to die as seen in this image:

 I want to emphasise that this article is not a unicorn. It is never a long wait between new information on pedophilia in the church (the majority of articles regarding the church, for that matter) murder, government corruption, natural disaster, police brutality… You get the idea.

 So now that we have had a grand old time looking at the brutal reality of our world, does anybody feel like laughing anymore?

 Granted that the internet has brought with it a wealth of new tools to connect us with others & help pass the time. Let’s take a quick look at the two major players, Facebook & Twitter. Sorry Google+ but you really need to up your game.

Firstly, some benefits:

  • Its a fantastic way to keep in touch with people who, lets face it, we would have no interest in keeping up with if it took any effort.

  • It has incredible detective powers for monitoring your ex lovers movements.

  • My personal favourite. Bad at remembering birthdays? Facebook is here to make sure that you get your mother & siblings covered!!

Now, onto the negatives:

  • It has incredible detective powers for monitoring your ex lovers movements.

  • It is absolutely the largest (if I am a proper model for 20-somethings) time waster of this day and age.

  • Facebook for mobile & alcohol is a sure-fire recipe for disaster

 There are certainly things that could be added into both of those categories but the point I would like to make is in regards to something I think we can all agree on. In order to be truly happy we as human beings need to be working towards our inner passions & the ideals to which we hold ourselves. Just imagine the incredible amount of energy that we pour into these social applications without even taking into account silly Youtube videos & meaningless websites.

 How do I know the unproductivity of the internet black hole? Hell, it took me about 45 minutes to open up a word processor to start writing these words. Proudly, I have only checked facebook twice whilst typing. My point is we’re not exactly working on ourselves while we are riding the digital waves. Moving in a positive direction, setting life goals & making plans is not the primary objective whilst distracted by the constant glut of shiny plastic things to view on the internet. I don’t imagine there are too many people who come out of a 5 hour internet coma feeling like they have had a good productive day.

 Also, did I mention ex lovers & facebook?

 I don’t claim to hold any solutions to these problem. I’m not really sure that any exist or that we need them. Just give me a fucking break for not floating around with a stupid grin on my face. I have shit to worry about too.

 -Troy H